Friday, February 15, 2008

which one?

so we are finally looking at buying a highchair for jacob. it's getting almost impossible to feed him sitting in his little bumbo seat because he's so wiggly. of course i want it to be kind've cool looking since they are so big and take up so much room.  i really like the ikea highchair (above) but it doesn't look very comfty. i also like the svan highchair (below), but it's pricey. 

this is my favorite, but it doesn't come with a tray attachment. so ix-nay on this one. it also comes in 6 other fun colors like teal and orange which would look so nice in our dining room. also, pricey.

and then there is the vintage-retro highchairs which i absolutely love. these 2 i found on ebay. i'm still holding out for the perfect one. it has to be 1. clean  2. in good shape  3. safe  4. comfy 5. attractive.  and not in that order.

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tony said...

they all look very uncomfortable to me. i personally like alot of cushion for my bony butt...but of course he does have a diaper to cushion the seat with.