Sunday, February 17, 2008


this is jacob's nursery. (his crib is in the other corner).  very gender neutral because matt and i wanted to be surprised when i gave birth, and i decorated the room for either a boy or girl.  the whole bird theme started when i spray painted this tiny tree from our backyard and perched little craft birds on the branches.

now this little tree will serve as inspiration for a baby shower i am throwing for a friend in 2 weeks.  the theme?  "nesting".

these cupcakes will also make an appearance at the shower.  my sister would love them as she is addicted to frosting-coated cupcakes.

and this mobile will be the centerpiece in the living room. i just love mobiles.  afterward i can hang it in jacob's room.  it looks so easy to make.  i have so many extra scraps of cool paper and this will be the perfect craft to use them.  

                                                                                 photo via rare device                                                                                                                                    

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tony said...

who are you talking to??

p.s. those cupcakes DO look yummy though!