Friday, February 22, 2008

anniversary and chandeliers

ta da!

so yesterday jacob, heather, and i went to the factory to see matt. and guess what i got to do?? design my own chandelier! so many options to choose from. it took a really long time for me. (surprise, surprise).  it looks better in person without all the clutter, and this weekend i will post a picture of it hanging in our bedroom. and we still made it back in time to have a romantic sushi dinner at home. 

il bacio (the kiss)

this is a small watercolor i made for matt as a christmas gift the semester i was studying in italy when we were dating.  from "the kiss" by gustav klimpt.  it was your classic girlfriend boyfriend gift.  matt and i still laugh when we think about what he gave me in exchange. a dvd of meet the parents. in his defense, he says he didn't want to get me anything "too serious" and scare me off. needless to say he has really improved in the gift giving department.

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