Friday, February 15, 2008

the non-diaper-bag bag

my mom no longer buys me christmas and birthday gifts, she sends me money to buy an item that i have been needing/wanting. usually wanting.  i remember being so disappointed when this coming of age happened... now i love it.  at long last--- thee diaper bag of my dreams.  (i must mention it is not marketed as a diaper bag which makes me feel cooler when i carry it full of diapers and jars of butternut squash) it also snaps on the sides for an a-frame shape.
it's by crystalyn kae, an artist from seattle. how appropriate you say. yes, it is. i now love seattle for another reason.  it is also a "vegan" bag, which personally i think is a way to make vinal sound stylish and expensive.

1 comment:

tony said...

VERY cute. and aptly put. i'm seeing new sides to you