Monday, February 18, 2008


these garlands make me happy. they are made by a french artist and you should really go check out her slideshow of all the cool places these garlands are photographed. i think they are so cute and fun, and another good way to use up my tiny paper scraps that i can't seem to ever throw out. this must be the reason why i've been holding on to them.

                                   seen first on ohhappyday, my favorite blog


deborahann said...

tony? you there?

tony said...

every one?? i have to say something every time?? is this going to replace our regular phone calls now because i don't really like that idea

p.s. i'm not so thrilled about the garlands... not much to it, is there?

deborahann said...

that's what i love about them. they are so simple and pretty.