Friday, February 15, 2008

new shoes

these are my new shoes that matt bought me for my birthday. they are from patagonia's new "outside in" collection, called sugar & spice.  how sassy. basically they are 2 shoes in one- casual and dressy, rainy day and monday, keen and ballet flat.  made without glue or toxic materials.  i guess that's good too.

also on my wishlist is a pair of hip and not-momish sneakers, something to spice up the mom-clog look. something comfy and cute for my new art classes and for all the shlepping i do to and fro with diaper bag on one arm, jacob in the other, keys dangling from my mouth until i have a free hand to grab them to lock the door, and other random objects and art supplies. i like these pumas in green (but not sure about the red). and how cute would jacob look in these. i think i like his more than mine but they don't have this style in adults sizes. 

1 comment:

tony said...

love them! they totally look like you. in fact, don't you already have shoes that look like that?