Friday, March 14, 2008

haircuts and such

well folks, i think it's time for a new look.  i'm tired of long straight hair that sticks flat against my face and looks raggly on the ends.   i'm considering the new kate moss, heidi klum "fringe" cut with bangs and all and a bit shorter. am i crazy? totally delusional?  i can't tell if it's ugly.

here are some pictures of katie "tomkat", who, i'll admit it. she's won me over.  i like how she can wear this haircut in so many ways!  can i pull it off??  readers, i need comments on this one. tell me your thoughts.


tony said...

i think kate has thick wavy hair so that is why she can have some days with more wave and body. i'm not sure you would be able to achieve those looks.... but it is a cute cut and it might be nice for a change. why not?

deborahann said...

well that worries me. and also i think i like her hair the best when it is slicked back behind her ear (like how i wear my hair now)