Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

felted nesting bowls

these do-it-yourself little felted bowls from design*sponge are so cute.  maybe i like them so much because i love these colors together.  just knit them and put in the dryer.  great idea.

green earrings

fir earrings

i'm loving
prismera design's new flora and folium collection.  made from recycled stainless steel and sterling silver. so delicate and pretty. 

pine earrings
mimosa earrings

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

moose and leggies

my two favorite products for kids right now: 

                                leggies (they even sound cute) 

                                       and a moose rocker

for my dream studio

i have to say, i'm not a huge fan of pottery barn (even though i devour the magazine every time it comes), but this crafty "project table" always catches my eye.  it would be perfect for my dream studio.


my dream studio...

isn't this something? it's a prefab *fab* little structure called kithaus: 9'x13' that can "tuck into any area, just about anywhere you need a fully insulated, prewired comfortable space".  all the pieces are cut and shipped to you and can supposedly be installed in a few days.  wow.  i'll take one.  

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


who knew kitchen accessories could be so cool? even the oven mitts are attractive. maybe it would make me want to cook more... dwellstudio for target. a match made in heaven.  check out the bed linens too.


kitchen towels
oven mitt and pot holder set

retro lighting

i'm very fond of these retro lights at west elm.   

i like the idea of sconces, but they just seem so permanent.  too much commitment for me.  but if i were to have them, i really like these.

mood lighting

lovely "candelas" from vessel lighting.  no wicks! no fires!  they look so real but they are actually illuminated by LED lights. rechargeable too. hooray for baby friendly candles.  

      via ohhappyday

Monday, February 25, 2008

hand printed cards

beautiful screenprinted and blockprinted notecards.  made and designed by argentinian artist eliza jane curtis.  i especially like the rounded edges.  

Sunday, February 24, 2008

origami mobile

i've been wanting to make mobiles for quite some time now. ever since i bought the crane mobile.  well here is my first go at a safari mobile for jacob's room.  i really like the branch that it hangs from too.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

jewelry tree

prettiest way to organize jewelry from urban outfitters.  i like this branch on its own as a sculptural piece too.  

cuckoo clocks

i'm in the market for a cuckoo clock. i'd like to find an old wooden one, and paint it white and put it in our dining room.  i haven't found one that seems reasonable (like, under $40). but i did find these...

Friday, February 22, 2008

hatch show print

hatch show print is one of the coolest printing presses around.  since the late 1800s, they have designed and printed posters for the biggest names in music, and they still use the old- school method and original wood blocks.  located in nashville.  these are some of my favorites. 

lucky for us, matt's sister worked there for a summer and made us this rad poster as a wedding gift.  i finally just framed it and put it up. (yikes, 4 years later!)

anniversary and chandeliers

ta da!

so yesterday jacob, heather, and i went to the factory to see matt. and guess what i got to do?? design my own chandelier! so many options to choose from. it took a really long time for me. (surprise, surprise).  it looks better in person without all the clutter, and this weekend i will post a picture of it hanging in our bedroom. and we still made it back in time to have a romantic sushi dinner at home. 

il bacio (the kiss)

this is a small watercolor i made for matt as a christmas gift the semester i was studying in italy when we were dating.  from "the kiss" by gustav klimpt.  it was your classic girlfriend boyfriend gift.  matt and i still laugh when we think about what he gave me in exchange. a dvd of meet the parents. in his defense, he says he didn't want to get me anything "too serious" and scare me off. needless to say he has really improved in the gift giving department.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

4 years of bliss...

happy anniversary my love.

pretty things

pretty sweater.

pretty pillow. "lotus" on sale.

i'm not really a pretty tea cup kind of girl, i'd rather drink my coffee in a ceramic mug that has a lot of irregularities. but this dainty little cup from anthropologie is so cute i couldn't help but notice.  i like both the yellow and green version, equally.  

cheery and bright

 i just keep thinking about how cheery this house is.  and look at all that sunlight...

                                                       via designmom

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ga ga for blabla

this is monkey, jacob's new friend. i really want jacob to like him so i always act really excited to see monkey and bring him on the rocking chair when we're reading stories. he is made of the softest knitted material on earth.  the brand is blabla.

Monday, February 18, 2008


these garlands make me happy. they are made by a french artist and you should really go check out her slideshow of all the cool places these garlands are photographed. i think they are so cute and fun, and another good way to use up my tiny paper scraps that i can't seem to ever throw out. this must be the reason why i've been holding on to them.

                                   seen first on ohhappyday, my favorite blog

Sunday, February 17, 2008

wintry walk in the woods

today we went to one of our favorite spots for a lovely walk along the river in huntington.

To wallpaper or not to wallpaper

i love how wallpaper has made a comeback.  if i was daring enough, i think i would use either the feather wallpaper (i love teal) or the orange below.  

julia rothman designs.  soooo cool.